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LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ with Magnesium 400 mg Most Comprehensive - “LIQUID IN A SOFTGEL” - Healthy Bone Formula LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ combines six (6) sources of Calcium and three (3) sources of Magnesium with herbs, vitamins and other minerals to provide superior nutrient bioavailability and complete nutritional support to help maintain healthy bones. Research has shown that ingredients in LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ may help maintain healthy bone structure, healthy nails and teeth, and normal blood pressure. LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ is free of sugar, starch, yeast, salt, wheat, corn and milk, and contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Three (3) softgels of 
LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ supply:
 Calcium (carbonate, citrate, gluconate, aspartate, malate, micronized hydroxyapatite)-1000 mg
Calcium is an essential mineral that must be consumed daily as a dietary supplement to achieve the intake levels recommended by health authorities. LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ provides a proprietary blend of six different calcium compounds (carbonate, citrate, gluconate, aspartate, malate, micronized hydroxyapatite) for maximum potency and optimum absorption. The inclusion of Calcium Citrate ensures adequate calcium absorption especially in the elderly.

LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ also contains an exceptionally bioavailable source of Calcium, micronized hydroxyapatite, which is specially processed to retain all bone minerals and organic residues intact and in their natural physiological ratios. Research has shown this superior source of Calcium to be well tolerated, and that Micronized Hydroxyapatite Calcium supplements result in enhanced mineral absorption and retention.

Magnesium (elemental as oxide, aspartate, citrate) – 400 mg
Magnesium is important for the absorption, utilization and metabolism of Calcium. Supplements such as LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’, which contain both Calcium and Magnesium, provide maximum benefit in relation to bone health and optimal blood pressure control. Magnesium deficiency is common due to the excessive consumption of processed foods and inadequate intake of whole, natural foods. LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ supplies the best absorbable forms of Magnesium including “chelated” and well tolerated Magnesium bound to aspartate and citrate.

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) – 100 IU
Vitamin D is a hormone-like, fat soluble compound directly involved in Calcium metabolism, and best known for its ability to stimulate the absorption of this essential mineral. Vitamin D is required for the modeling and remodeling of bone, necessary for strong bones, teeth, and nails. Supplements such as LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’, which contains Calcium combined with Vitamin D, are especially beneficial for promoting bone health in those individuals (often the elderly, postmenopausal women or patients with osteoporosis) who are unable to get sufficient exposure to sunlight (which stimulates the body’s manufacture of this vitamin), and/or unable to produce adequate amounts of the active and most potent form of this vitamin in the body (possibly due to disorders of the liver or kidneys and/or as a result of estrogen status, Magnesium or Boron deficiency).

Boron (elemental as gluconate) – 1 mg
Boron is necessary for the action of Vitamin D, which stimulates the absorption and utilization of Calcium, and is therefore important for bone health. Research studies suggest that Boron may be essential in the conversion of Vitamin D to its active form and may reduce body Calcium loss by increasing the beneficial effects of estrogen on bone health. LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ contains Boron chelated to gluconate for maximum bioavailability.

Vitamin K (phylloquinone) – 10 mcg
Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which acts as a coenzyme in the synthesis of proteins involved with bone metabolism and plays a role in maintaining healthy bone structure. A deficiency of this vitamin leads to impaired mineralization of the bone because of inadequate levels of osteocalcin, the major noncollagen protein found in bones. Vitamin K is required for the binding of the osteocalcin molecule with Calcium and holding Calcium in place within the bone. Dietary sources of Vitamin K include salad greens such as broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and collards, as well as green tea, plant oils (such as soybean, canola, and olive oils), green peas, asparagus, oats, and whole wheat. LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ contains phylloquinone, the major form of Vitamin K in the diet.

Horse Tail (extract e. arvense) – 25 mg
Horse Tail is among the richest plant sources of the mineral silicon, which plays a significant role in bone health. Horse Tail contains silicon in the form of the compound monosilicic acid, which the body can readily use. Silicon containing supplements such as LIQUID CALCIUM ‘1000’ help keep bones, teeth and nails strong.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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